Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello! This is Megan (Karen's sister), and I've been asked to give you another update on Karen's behalf. It seems as if my postings always indicate bad news, but in this case I have both good and bad news.

First-- the good news (with some bad mixed in). Karen has been pretty sick this past week BUT is getting better every day. Last week she had experienced a high fever, nausea, and accompanying symptoms. One night she was so dehydrated that her roommates took her to the emergency room where they ran a lot of blood tests. They had first thought that it might be dengue fever, but tests for dengue came back negative. They discovered that she had bacteria in her blood, and she is now taking antibiotics. As a result she had missed several days of school and other activities, but she returned to church yesterday and school today. Fortunately, this school week is full of tests, and so Karen proctors tests until noon (after which she can rest and continue her speedy recovery)!

The bad news, however, is that Karen's internet service will be down until February, and so her postings will likely be less frequent. Once it's up again, she'll fill you all in to the details of her experiences in Honduras. If you could, please pray for Karen's health so that she can return to 100% in all of her areas of ministry.

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Heidi said...

Hi Miss Megan,

Thanks so much for letting us know about Karen getting sick. I will definitely keep Karen her in my prayers. How scary. Hope you are doing well.