Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone! It feels great to be home. I got home on Saturday, the 20th. I flew from San Pedro Sula to Atlanta, and had a friendly surprise waiting for me of my closest friends from high school, Ashley, was coming home from a cruise and she and her boyfriend, also a good friend from high school, were on my same flight to Dayton! It was really exciting to see them in the airport and then fly home. However, the trip home wasn't smooth sailing. We had an emergency plane landing in Kentucky because of the icy weather in Dayton. I made it home 2 hours later than expected, but I throughly enjoyed my trip home, talking to Ashley the entire way.

Its so nice to be with my family. I haven't experienced culture shock like I did the first time coming back, and I think its because I knew more of what to expect. The only thing not fantastic about being home is the freezing cold weather. The first couple days the temperatures were near 0. The day I left Honduras, it was a comfortable 85 degrees. I hope everyone has had a great Christmas, and has a great new year. My blogs will be much more frequent, now that I have my new laptop :)

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