Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Yesterday all of the missionaries had a Thanksgiving dinner together. Everyone brought a dish, and it felt so good to celebrate Thanksgiving with people who know the special meaning behind it. A lot of Hondurans celebrate Thanksgiving because many of them have relatives living in the United States and they have adopted some of our American traditions. At school on Wednesday we had a special chapel with the entire elementary school, and then each class had a Thanksgiving celebration. A mom from my class made a turkey and brought it in, and other parents brought in other dishes. It was a crazy day because there wasn´t a lot of structure, but it was really nice, and special for my class. The high school students went on outreaches in the city, to orphanages and poor areas. One boy in my class whose brother was going to an orphanage told me: Miss McNerney, I wish that we could go to the orphanage and I would even bring them ALL of my toys... (long pause) ...that I don´t like anymore.

This Sunday, November 30 is the Honduran election. Its not the presidential election, but it still is a big deal because they are electing mayors and what would be senators to us. The way it works here is that you can only vote in the city you were born in. It's kind of like in Jesus´ days when the people had to travel to their birth city to be counted in the census, people will be traveling to their birth city so they can vote. The crime has increased in the last couple of weeks because of the elections, and one candidate for¨senator¨ was assassinated. Other attempts have been made against other politicians, but only one has been killed.

I´m coming home for Christmas and I cannot wait. I leave on December 20th and I'm counting down the days. This has been the longest I've ever gone without seeing my family. I've been here for 5 months now, and it will be almost 6 by the time I am home. But, I do get to talk with my family pretty frequently by phone, so I don´t feel that far away, or like it has really been that long.

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