Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We laughed a lot in my class today. In science we are studying mammals and today we were leaning about different types of cats. I was explaining the purpose that cats have whiskers, and how it helps them feel whats around them. Do demonstrate the usefulness of whiskers I asked for a volunteer and taped a popsicle stick on one side of his face. I moved my hands near his face, and with my one hand he it the stick and the other he didn't. "See how useful they are? See what a good idea God had when he put whiskers on cats," I asked me class. One girl sighed and looked out the window, "I want whiskers," she whined, "they sure would be helpful!"

Later on we were giving presentations about people we admire. The kids had cut out a picture of someone they admire and wrote 3 things they admired about the person. I was calling students in random order, and one girl just didn't want to go up and share her presentation. We all started clapping for her and shouting her name to encourage her not to be embarassed, and to share. I was leading the class in chanting, "Andrea, Andrea, Andrea!" She reluctantly made her way to the front, but without her paper. The class got really quiet as she announced, "Everybody, I didn't do my homework!!!" Oh, we all roared. Andrea included. It was just so funny, because we all assumed that she was embarassed to share, when actually, she didn't have anything to share at all!!

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