Sunday, October 26, 2008

On Tuesday school was cancelled because of the heavy flooding. Everyone was comparing it to when Hurricane Mitch hit, because these storms did so much damage. In 1996 when Mitch hit Honduras it left millions dead and really destroyed the country. The city I live in, San Pedro Sula, is a valley. We are not affected by floods like the rest of the country because there is a dam that stops the water. Most of the country's industry is produced here, and so creating the dam was a necessary thing. However, when the dam fills it has the possibility of breaking, and if it breaks it will cover San Pedro. During Mitch the government let the dam leak in the opposite direction, but did not tell the people they were going to do so. According to the people here, most of the deaths were due to the dam-created floods and not the rain following, all the the rain did lots of damage in itself.

The tropical storms that hit this week flooded and wiped away many houses, mostly south of where I live. I spent all day Tuesday at the church organizing food and clothing that were donated, so we could send them to the different towns that really suffered. It was really a privalege to help and serve in that way. We had school again on Wednesday and the rest of the week, because our kids really could make it to school. There are some kids that live in the affected areas, but not enough kids live in those parts to make it worth shutting down the whole school.

The new issue is that the dam has once again filled. The government has to decide to empty it onto the little towns, or just pray for no more rain. If another storm comes, the possibilty increases of it breaking, and its very likely that more rain will come. Here, our seasons consist of hot, hotter, hottest, and rainy. We are in the rainy season now, and it will last until the beginning of January. So, as you can see, the government has a big decision to make.

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