Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Okay, so I'm going to tell you about some things that have happened in the past few weeks, because I think you'll get a good picture of how things work in this country. October 3rd is a holiday in this country. All holiday's we get off, so we have quite a bit of school off. I would say we have one day off every 2 weeks. But, we end school in mid June to make up for all the time we get off. It works out. Anyways, this Friday is a holiday. But last Thursday the President decided to make a law where no one can take off work on Fridays. I'm sure the process is much more complex than the president deciding to make a law, however, none of us even heard about it until it was all said and done. So, the law was put into place on Thursday, and this Friday which we have on our calenders of having no school, is wrong. We will be changing the day off from Friday to Monday.

This would not be THAT big of a deal to me because its just switching a couple days. However, I am leaving the country on Friday. I do not have a Honduran residency, which means that I live here on a toursit visa. Its totally legal for me do work and be on a tourist visa, I just need to leave the country every 90 days and be gone for at least 48 hours when I go. There is another law called CA-4 which makes a pact between Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. When you travel between these 4 countries you do not need a passport, you can travel freely. For the people here, that is a good thing. For me, not so good. They will not give me a new tourist visa if I go to one of the CA-4 countries and come back. So, I am going to Costa Rica on Friday and I'll be back on Sunday. My good friend from Texas A&M, who was also my roommate when I studied abroad in Mexico is teaching in Hereria, Costa Rica. So, I will be going to have a short, but sweet visit with her in a couple days. I am really excited to go and take a short break from here. I love it here, but its always nice to take a little break from reality.

Anyways, back to the school issue. So I told the administration that I was leaving Friday for Costa Rica to renew my visa. That I had planned to leave on a day off school, and now that it had changed I would need a substitute. "Thats fine" they told me, "you are responsible for finding your substitute." Yep. I was a little shocked when they told me that too. The people I know all have jobs, and work for the church/school, so finding a substitue is a little bit of a problem for me, as you can imagine. So I'm leaving on Friday and I still have no sub, but I'm leaving and I have to go, and so I kind of have the attitude that its not really my problem to deal with. Maybe its not the greatest attitude to have as a missionary teacher, but its really how I feel. I know that someone will have to cover, maybe the English Coordinater, but things always get done, even if they are done at the last minute.

Speaking of last minute :) Today we were told at the end of the day that there is going to be no electricity in the school tomorrow. That means no light, but more importantly, no air conditioning. It is an average of 100 degrees here (including humidity). Our air conditioners are crucial to the school, and to my life. So, tomorrow we are only going to have school until 11:30. Usually we get out at 2 (we start at 7) but since its going to be so hot, we get to leave a couple hours early. I'm not sure why there won't be electricity. I know that in the past the city has rationed electricity and give it to certain parts of the city on a rotating schedule. Maybe its because of the economy, I'm not really sure. I just know that my air conditioning has a major effect on my level of happiness. I'm hoping and praying that tomorrow is just a one time deal. Since I'm leaving for the weekend I guess I won't find out until when I get back if its going to become a pattern.

Yeah, so thats a little bit of life down here. I really have to adjust to how I am used to things being done. The last time I talked to my sister Katie, she said, "Don't you get frustrated with things?" And the answer is definetly yes, but dying to myself every day means that Holy Spirit is taking more and more of the control in my life, which really is a good thing. The Bible says that we should be dead to ourselves and alive in Him. Let me tell you, its a lot easier to be alive in him, when you really can't do things on your own, when you really have to depend on God for strength, for good attitudes and kind heart. I'm still a piece of work, but I'm glad I'm getting worked on. :)

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