Saturday, September 6, 2008

On Tuesday we had a special chapel with grades 3 and up to welcome back the kids from Agape who had been kidnapped. It was a powerful chapel. If you remember from my last blog, 2 students from Agape, a 3rd grader and a 9th grader who have been apart of our school for at least 4 years, were kidnapped going into the hair salon on Friday. They were returned to their home on Sunday. So, the pastors of our church/school decided that we needed to give glory to God as a school by having a chapel that honored God for their lives. The Bible says in revelation that "they overcame by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testamony," and these 3 people gave powerful testamonies. When they walked into the auditorium we stood to our feet and praised God for their lives. The pastors shared that we begin to understand the value of life when we are so close to losing it. We sang praise and worship songs to give God the glory for the freeing power of Jesus. We may have not been freed from a situation like they were in, but we have all been saved from eternal death, because Jesus came to give us eternal life.

The family then was asked to share what God had done in them, in those 3 days. They were kidnapped by a group of men with large guns, and were taken to a house and put in a room. The mother told that the little girl, Andrea told said "Mom, we need to put the armor of God on, thats what I learned in pre-school. We need the armor of God." (Ephesians 6:10-17) They told how they were on their knees crying out to God, and the guards got nervous. They didn't want them praying with authority. She said that as they prayed, it was like they were stacking bricks that seperated them from the evil. "I am a Christian," she told them, "which means I am a child of the living God, God almighty." They declared the Word of God over them, and were evangelizing to the men. The men became afraid and started trying to treat them better. They started if they were comfortable, and if there was anything they could get them. Imagine your kidnapper asking you what he could bring you, because he saw that you were a born-again Christian that walks with the authority of God. Incredible. Michael, the 9th grader, shared how it was a time that really tested him and if he really believed he was given the authority that the Bible says he has. He told us how God spoke to him in that room and told him that he was created with a purpose much higher and much bigger than he could imagine. God told him that he would use every situation to purify him and strengthen him, and that he would leave the situation alive because God had not completed what he had started in him. Michael said one of the biggest things God showed him, was that if you are a Christian, you CANNOT be ashamed of the one who died for us. You must be radical in what you believe and walk in the promises and authority God gave.

By the 3rd day, the men started asking for forgiveness to Michael, Andrea, and their mother. "I know that there will be judgment on my life for what I have done to you," one of them said, "please forgive me for what I've done." They were able to forgive him, and tell them that Jesus too will give forgiveness if he only asks. They asked if any would want to decide to give their life to Jesus and live for him. They said they couldn't, because it is their job to kidnapp people. Seeds were planted though, in the lives of men who live to advance the kindgdom of darkness. But they didn't know who they were messing with, when the kidnapped 3 children of God. We give glory to him, because they saw change in evil men who had kidnapped them, and because their lives were saved and not a hair on their head was hurt. In most kidnappings, the story doesn't end well.

Their testamony is not only to the freeing power of God, but also to the quality of Agape Christian Academy. The children put their faith and trust in God, because they knew that was the only chance of being saved. Its a testamony that when you raise a child to love and trust God, they will depend on him and turn to him in their time of need. Its a testamony to my missionary friend Alex Gignac who was Andrea's teacher when she was in pre-school. Its a testamony to the school that I work in and it shows me that what I do every day has great significance and that I'm helping to train and form a generation that will become world changers.

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