Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Most of you who know me know that I love candy. When I was little I would make a train of all of the candy I collected on halloween and categorize according to type, and the train would usually take up our whole living room. Yes, I love candy. And God what he was doing when he put little Shelsea in my class. Her dad owns a candy factory. Oh yeah, God is so good. :) Every day I get little treats from her and it makes my day all the more sweeter.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Honduras is playing soccer against Jamaica. Right now the pre-world cup games are going on to see who gets to be in the 2010 world cup. So far we have played 2 games, against Mexico and Canada. We are 1-1. I'm sure you can guess who we beat!! Canada is not really known for their soccer. Anyways, I am going to the game tomorrow and I am so excited about it!! I have never been to a professional soccer game in Latin America and I know it is going to be the ultimate experience. We'll get back late tomorrow so I for sure won't blog about it. But if you watch the game and see that we win, you'll know that we will be celebrating throughout the city. I'll let you what happens....

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