Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday was Independence Day here, and so we had no school! We have had Monday, Tuesday, and today off and it has been so wonderful. I love going to school, I love my kids, but I love sleeping in. :) I've been able to catch up on grading, laundry, and sleep. Most of my friends went out of town, including 2 of my roommates. I'm with people all the time, and has been really nice to disconnect and just do my own thing. I've been meaning to update and tell everyone how the soccer game was. It was like a week ago, but then the stuff with Jennifer happened and that was my focus and not the game. But....the game was so much fun. I went with 7 friends and we sat in the "sol" section. This section is the cheapest, however you get what you pay for. When a goal is scored people throw anything they can find, including special treats that they brought for their fellow fans: pee and poop. Yes, it is very disgusting and shocking that people would prepare such a thing in advance. But it happens, and its normal for here. My friends and I prayed that God would lead us to seats where we would not have that stuff thrown on us. We were in the far left section, right next to the fence, almost at the top. And I'm glad to say, that every time something liquid hit me, it was cold. We scored twice which was awesome, awesome awesome. But we could only celebrate for the first couple seconds before we crouched down and ducked. I didn't bring my camera (for obvious reasons) but one of the guys we went with did. I'll put up some of the pictures when I get them from him. The next home game is against Canada, and then Mexico. I'm very partial to Mexico because I was living in Mexico during the last World Cup, but I'm going to have to root for Honduras because this is my new home.

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Glenna said...

Hi Karen! Just catching up on your chronicles...I am saddened to learn about Jennifer's dad. I am so proud to hear how God is using you in her life and the lives of those students in that school. It is evident that you are right where God wants you. It's been a little nuts here in your home town with the hurricane winds taking our power, but - we are still blessed compared to the many trials people endure around the world on a daily basis. We got our electric restored late last night and to get to catch up with your writings is refreshing. Can't wait to see those crazy soccer pics though! Much Love - Glenna