Thursday, September 11, 2008

I need your prayers for my student Jennifer.

Today at school the superintendent came to my class and needed Jennifer to pack her bags as quickly as possible to go home. After she left, I was told that Jennifer’s father was killed. After school I found out he was killed while being robbed. It is a horrible, horrible tragedy as there is now a mom with 3 little girls and no dad. Jennifer who is 10 years old, is the oldest child. It breaks my heart that she no longer has a dad here on the earth. I can’t imagine being 10 years old and losing my dad. I just can’t even imagine it. Earlier in the morning during Bible class I felt led to change the lesson and talk about honoring our parents. We talked about how there are lots of kids who don’t have moms and dads, and we need to be so thankful that we have a mom and a dad that love us. As a class we made a pact to go home and love on our moms and dads. Little did I know that Jennifer would lose her dad later on today.

After I was told the news, I was asked to lead my kids in a prayer for Jennifer and her family. As soon as I walked into the class, everyone knew something was up. “ Miss McNerney, have you been crying? “they asked. I was not allowed to tell them what happened, just that something bad had happened to Jennifer’s family and that we needed to pray for her. We stretched out our hands toward her desk and prayed for God’s peace and love to flood her, and her family.

I ask you to pray the same prayer for her. We’re praying that the media is kind to the family about whatever they report, that the girls will be comforted knowing their father loved Jesus and will go to Heaven, that the family will not feel alone, that they will experience God’s goodness in this hard time. As we prayed for Jennifer, we all cried. They know what kinds of things happen here, and they could only imagine. Please pray for my class, that we can be sensitive to Jennifer, and that this incident will not bring up past experiences that have happened to many of my students. Please pray for me too, that I can be a leader to my students and lean on God’s strength so that they too can lean on God’s strength. Please pray for me as I go to the wake tomorrow, that I can control my emotions and be strong for Jennifer, that I can love Jennifer with God’s love, and be sensitive to her needs.

Please pray for everyone involved, as we desperately need God’s presence, peace, and grace.

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