Sunday, September 28, 2008

Great news!!! I am writing from my computer that has absolutely no water damage!! Praise God! :) My camera, which also was soaked works just fine. All this week I've had so much to share, I'm really glad to have my computer back! On Monday I recieved a wonderful gift of a suticase of books and things from my parents! My roommates who went to the US for a conference went back through Texas and stayed with my friend Alex and her family. My parents sent my things to Texas so when the girls passed through they could bring me my things. It was so exciting to go through the hot pink suitcase that Alex's family lent me and see what my parents sent. Its always so nice to see things from home, to talk to family and friends, and to get emails. I am so busy here, that I forget that I'm so far from home. But moments come where I just want to be in my own culture, speaking English all the time. Notes, conversations, and packages make me feel more connected to everyone back home.

Jennifer came back to school exactly one week after her father's death. I was shocked about how freely she talked about his death, and how much she is turning to the Word. Every time she talks about her dad she says, "The Bible says that......" For example, on of the things she told me was, "Miss McNerney, the Bible says that I don't have to be sad, right? Because my dad is with Jesus and Jesus will put joy in my heart, right?" You can definetly see the fruit of the Word of God being sown into this little girl. Her mom found a job, which is the first job she has ever worked. Their maid (a maid is very, very common for even poor people here in Honduras) stays with the 3 girls every day after school while the mom works. On Wednesday I was at my house and heard someone banging on the gate. My roommate answered it, and the next thing I saw was a girl dressed in hot pink skipping into my kitchen. "HI MISS!!" said Jennifer as she gave me a big hug. I know that she needs someone other than her maid to spend time with now that her dad is gone and her mom works full time. All of that attention, gone. But now she has mine after school :) And she loves to share with her classmates that she visits me at my house, but I love that God has given me the opportunity to love this little girl and spend time quality time with her.

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JIM mcnerney said...

Good to have you back "online": - Praise God!! - DAD