Thursday, August 28, 2008

These last few weeks have been extremely busy and exhausting, but Agape has now started and I think life is going to get a little less crazy. Today was my first day as a 5th grade teacher. We only had a half day, because we are not yet prepared enough to have a full day. Our teacher inservices started last Monday, the 18th, and we found out which classrooms were ours on Friday. I have been working like crazy to get my classroom ready for today, and have stayed until 9 every night since Saturday working on my classroom. Of course during the week we have trainings and prayer and so we can not use the whole day to get our work done. But I finally finished my classroom late last night, and came home at 9:30 to start planning what I was going to do with my kids. Yeah, like I said, crazy!

I have 20 kids in my class. Its very different how it works here. Part of it is because in Honduras communication and time do not work the same as it does in the states. Students will continue enrolling in the school until Monday, even though classes have begun. I recieved my list of kids at 6:30am today, just in time to get the desks I needed. School starts at 7. It was really crazy this morning, and I am glad that there is only one first day. There are 3 sections of 5th grade and my students were all together last year. Instead of changing around the students in each section, they move them up together. So, much to my surprise there was little fear in them about the first day because every single one have been in the same class for years. I was shocked when they sat down and immediately started chattering, until I found out that each class moves up together. Since I taught high school last time, none of these students know me. I get a fresh start as a new teacher with no reputation. When I was here 4 years ago, they were in 1st grade.

My team of teachers for 5th grade are incredible, Mrs. Osorio and Mrs. Frech. After school today Mrs. Osorio came to me and told me, I have to tell you the funniest story about you: " My kids came up to me and said, "is it true that the new teacher's name is Miss McDonald?" No, she said, its Miss McNerney! Where did you hear Miss McDonald from? 'Well, they said, the students of Miss McDonald's class told us that was her name!" Tommorrow I have some correcting to do!! haha We went over the pronunciation of my name and everything, but the only Mc name they have to compare me to is the food chain!

The day for the most part went smoothly, however there were a few minor bumps. I am not on recess duty this week so I sat inside the cafeteria. When it was time to get my kids I went outside to get them, and there were only 3. I searched high and low for the other 17, but they were no where to be found. I couldn't imagine how I could lose an entire class!! One of the directors saw me searching for something and was shocked when I told her I was looking for my students. How embarassing. I went upstairs to my classroom with my 3 kids to find the rest of the class with the Spanish teacher. She didn't think it was a big deal to tell me and that I would figure it out when my class was gone. Incidents such as these makes it a little frustrating. I think that if I wasn't absolutly sure that I was called by God to be here, it would be much, much harder. Another slight bump was in Bible this morning. Part of our Bible class schedule is singing 2 praise and worship songs. My iPod was stolen out of my bag from my classroom on Tuesday, so, we had no music to sing to. We sang acapella, which worked okay, but it makes the atmosphere of Bible a lot different without the actual music!! I am hopeing that some of the parents buy my class CD player since I can't use what I brought!

I know this year is going to be great, and I just have to keep believing that everything I do here is advancing the Kingdom of God. Now that I have a routine I hope to update my blog much more frequently so you all can be more involved in what is happening here in Honduras!

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