Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finally I have pictures!! These pictures here are of my house. I think I have said that I am living with 4 Honduran girls, Marina, Karla, Tania, Dinora, which makes 5 of us in the house. Because Honduras has a problem with crime, every house has a locked gate around it. In order to get into our house we have to unlock the gate and then go and unlock the house. We are waiting for our landlord to put barbwire on top of the wall that surrounds our house. Nearly every house has this to deter thieves from jumping the wall. The downstairs has one bathroom,
the kitchen, and a living room. We are still waiting to buy couches. Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom. Marina and Karla share one room, and Tania and Dinora share the other. I sleep in my own room, but Karla keeps her stuff in my room so I kind of share too.

In order to live safe, we live in a nicer neighborhood with a nicer house. There is still crime in our neighborhood, however, so please pray for us and our safety and that no one will come against us in any way.

I don't start teacher training until the week of the 18th, and so I have been working at the school and church painting, cleaning, and serving however needed. Its been good having this time before school started to reacquaint myself with the culutre. On the surface it looks a lot like the United States, but the heart of the culture is very different.

Here are just a few of the cultural differences:

1. When you greet someone you give them a kiss on the cheek. That means that if you walk into a room with a bunch of people, there is a lot of kissing thats about to happen! You also kiss when you say goodbye. Guys never kiss guys, they might hug or give a high 5.

2. Honduran are very fancy people. You never see people wearing t-shirts and jeans, even just to go the the grocery store. Wearing high heels is mandatory. I was going to church last week and was wearing a dress/shirt with leggings. I had cute flip flops wear with it. When I showed one of my roommates what I was going to wear she said that I looked really gringa. (Gringa is how they call Americans here. In some other countries it is negative, but not here. ) She told me that I needed to improve my style and wear heels. Even with jeans, they wear heels. I am dying to myself by always wearing heels, but I want to fit in with the culture.

3. Hondurans have a completely different concept of time than Americans. We went to a going away party that started at 7, and the girls woke up from their nap at 7, and started getting ready. We got there about 7:45, and we were right on time. People take time for other people here, and if people are talking and one person has an appointment, they take time for the person and arrive late to the appointment. When events, meetings, church, etc. start late, it isn't a bad thing because it gives people a chance to talk and catch up. As an American I have to fight against being frustrated. I have to change my thinking and tell myself that I am building relationships and not wasting time. Or, that everyone else will be late, so its okay if I am too. :)

There are tons more differences, but these are the main ones. As I think of more and learn more I'll share them with you.

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