Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wow, the conference Extreme X Christ was incredible. There were dramas, concerts, teachings, testamonies, but the most powerful thing there was the presence of God. I am still trying to process all of the things God deposited into my heart and all of the new revelations I had about what it means to live a life fully devoted to the Lord. What a way to start a new year as a missionary: preach the Word to others and then in turn, recieve from the Lord in a really real way. One of the most powerful dramas was set up like a talk show. And the host called in her different guests to her about their lifestyle and why it is the right way to live. There was a rocker, an emo, a tranvestite and a model. They all explained how why they started living the way they did, and why it was the best lifestyle to live. At the end a girl game in who lives powerfully for Jesus and told the host that Jesus was the only way to live, and that apart from him there is no abundant life on earth and no eternal life. It was really powerful and really spoke to the youth of Honduras. Our prayer now is for everyone who made a decisions and changes this weekend, would be able to stand firm, and make the changes permanent.

Its definetly been interesting living here again. One of the funniest things that I have experienced so far is with the Honduran lifestyle. After the conference on Saturday night, we were all exhausted. One of my roommates has a car, and we only live 12 blocks from the school. We were all sitting in the parking lot of the church. Since all of us were there, I was wondering why we were sitting around talking about how tired we were when we could be at home sleeping! Finally I said, "Are we wating for something, or someone? Why don't we just go home? " "Well, one of my roommates responded, "its that we're resting here before we get to the car!" What a difference in lifestyle compared to us Americans that go, go go!! Its nice to live in a lifestyle where things are laid back, but it is very different to get used to, and even more impotant not to be frustrated through it!! I absolutely love the people and the culture of Honduras, so it makes it much easier to re-adjust. :)

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glad to know you're doing well karen... I'm never leaving chile!!!!