Saturday, July 19, 2008

This past couple days have been a total blessing from God! One of my Honduran friends' family is one of the largest coffee producers in Honduras. Their coffee is called Welchez Coffee and they live in Copan. She invited me to go with her to Copan to visit her family. Talk about VIP treatment!! We were like roalty in the hotel that they own, and it was an awesome way to kick off the upcomming work week!

The big news in our church is that we are expanding our property. The church and school right now is located off of the main street in San Pedro. A large church that is next to us moved and offered us first dibs on buying the property. As we are outgrowing the property we have now, the pastors jumped at the chance. The old church will be turned into more classrooms for the school, therefore the new church needs to be ready before school starts: August 25th. The building needs to be re-constructed, painted, etc. There is lots of work to be done!!

On Monday an American team is comming for a missions trip and they will play a big part in helping us get our new church ready! I will be with the team full time and living with them in the Encounter House in the mountains. In the mornings and evenings we will be evangelizing at schools in the city, and in the afternoon we will be working on the new church. Our church has established various churches around the country and on Friday we will be going to the church in Negrito. Negrito is a remote town in the mountains. We will be spending 2 days working with the church by doing whatever they need us to do. Its funny because in the short time I have been here, I have been to more places than I was when I lived here for the year!! You probably won't here from me until the next week when I get back, but get ready for lots of stories because its going to be a great week!!

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MCH Boys Ranch, Inc. said...

Sounds like you are having a great time already serving God. Keep on keepin on.


We just ask that you be with Karen as she goes through all the different adjustments in her lifestyle where you have planted her. Help her to continue to Trust in you and lean on you as she serves you. Wrap your mighty big arms around her and give her a great big hug as only you can. Bless her Lord for giving in this ministry. In Jesus Name, Amen

We love you, Karen!

Cathy (for Jim and Cathy)