Thursday, July 10, 2008

After a tough goodbye, I flew from Dayton to Atlanta to Honduras and arrived at 12pm. I was picked up by a friend and immediately taken to a public high school. The ministry is all about evanglism, and so this week we have been in public high schools, elementary schools, orphanages and neighborhoods preaching about Jesus.

In public schools we were invited to share the gospel through music, dramas, testimonies and preaching, and to give an invitation for kids to give themselves to the Lord. We saw lots of kids make first time decisions to follow Jesus, and others who had made a decision at one time, but had strayed and wanted to come back to the cross. It really was amazing how freely we could pray and talk about Jesus.

Yesterday we were in an orphanage and in a neighborhood with the poorest of the poor. I held and prayed over babies that had their bodies covered with sores. There is a desperate need for Jesus in our world. I´m glad to be back in Honduras, but its very different the second time around. Its been a tough transition, emotionally, to get back into life here. Not to do the work, but with the knowledge that this once again is my home.

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